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Is Hollings Therapy, LLC allied with any identity groups?

The short answer is no.


Though Hollings Therapy, LLC is marketed as a veteran-owned business, Deric is not a “social justice ally.” Identification as a veteran is a mutable characteristic that doesn’t tell a person much about WHO Deric is.


Rather, it merely suggests WHAT Deric may or may not have done when serving in the military. Additionally, Deric maintains no interest in advocacy for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) initiatives, action, or rhetoric.


While Deric values diversity of thought and equality before the law, he doesn’t maintain that “the personal is political” or purposely use his sociopolitical values in sessions. If you’re seeking a therapist who will affirm, validate, or embolden your frustrations with the world at large—with an attempt to change others—Deric invites you to consider other options for your care.


For more information about how people disturb themselves with sociopolitical moralism, Deric encourages others to read the following: REBT discourse. For further information about how little control we actually have over anyone other than ourselves, Deric invites you to read his blog entry entitled Circle of Control.

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