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Are you one of the best therapists in Texas?

The short answer is no. Deric doesn’t profess to be the “best” at anything.


If you’re searching for a therapist who uses dynamic promises often associated with marketing ploys designed to trigger your emotions and create a false sense of urgency, Hollings Therapy, LLC may not be a good fit for you.


Additionally, if you’re searching for a social media-esque clinician who proposes quick solutions to complex issues, Deric has little to offer. As well, if you’re interested in an “expert” who knows all there is to know about mental health, you’ll find no such solution at Hollings Therapy, LLC.


Deric is a mental health professional, meaning he has received education (two master’s degrees), training (advanced certification in REBT), and experience (life coaching since the 1990’s and first graduate degree with associated practice in 2011). However, he does not identify as an “expert” in anything.

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