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What do you mean by saying you work with “mental health”?

The field of mental, emotional, behavioral, and social health—collectively, mental health—is largely varied. You could ask 100 people to define it, and receive many different answers.


Deric Hollings works as a psychotherapist who maintains graduate degrees in counseling (M.A., 2011) and social work (M.S.S.W., 2014). He has also performed as a life coach since the 1990’s.


Using a stoic and existential framework when interacting with clients, Deric assists in navigating the complexity of your issues by challenging learned behaviors that no longer serve you well, or perhaps never did in the first place.


Deric can help you with skills—designed to be exercised in session—so that you may benefit from having worked through issues in a supportive environment. As well, each session is specifically tailored to you.

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