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Is therapy an easy process?

At Hollings Therapy, LLC, we do not promote “easy.” Rather, we inform clients of how therapy is often a challenging process. As well, the experience of psychotherapy differs from client to client.


Think about the last meaningful thing you did. Was it “easy”?


Perhaps you ran a marathon, made it through boot camp, earned a college degree, survived a traumatic experience, achieved sobriety, or managed to leave your home after being shut in for two years of government lockdowns.


Was “easy” the qualifying element that made the experience worthwhile to you?


Just as it isn’t necessarily comfortable to grow your bank account by denying yourself frivolous spending, grow as a couple by working though challenges romantic partnerships face, or grow to accept the loss of a loved one by experiencing grief—growth through the mental health process can be challenging.


Deric encourages clients to push through this discomfort in order to grow. The choice is entirely up to you.

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