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What type of therapy is offered at Hollings Therapy, LLC?

Deric has received advanced training in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) from the Albert Ellis Institute. For a more in-depth understanding about Deric’s approach to REBT, you may want to check out his blog post entitled Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT).


Essentially, REBT explores how people tend to disturb themselves with rigid demands of the world and extreme beliefs which may lead to unhelpful or unhealthy emotions, body sensations, and behaviors.


This form of therapy is directive in nature. Deric isn’t the sort of psychotherapist who passively sits by and offers minimal encouragers (i.e., “Mhmm,” “Go on,” etc.). As well, he doesn’t spend the bulk of sessions practicing deep breathing, sitting in silence, or meditating.


Deric practices active challenging of core beliefs that may not serve you well. Some people express how this process can be discomforting. Still, clients are encouraged to push through discomfort as a means to grow.


Notably, it isn’t uncommon for people to contact Deric due to other forms of treatment not working for them. For instance, some people have expressed how their former therapists apparently have cried in sessions, been unable to tolerate what clients share, or have been affirming and validating, though no actual change in the person’s symptoms occurred.


If challenging yourself to face discomfort and learn tools so that you may become your own therapist sounds appealing to you, welcome. If not, Deric invites you to consider other options that may better suit your needs.


Deric’s goal as an REBT psychotherapist isn’t to help you feel better. Rather, he aims to help you get better.

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