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Are you looking for a safe, comfortable therapeutic experience?


Hollings Therapy, LLC may not be the option for you. Here, clients are offered an opportunity to challenge their self-disturbing beliefs. This can be an uncomfortable process.


With an aim not to help you feel better, though to get better, you can work toward a healthier life by learning tolerance, using acceptance, and building resilience.

For more information, you are invited to read Therapeutic Safety.

Services Offered

Our staff is honored to work with you! Our aim is to become an integral part of your support structure. By working together, we can challenge learned behaviors that no longer serve you well, or perhaps never did in the first place.


In sessions, we work on skills. Out of session, you can practice these techniques so that you may benefit from having worked through them in a supportive environment. Importantly, each session is specifically tailored to you.


Individual Therapy: $100 for up to 50-minute sessions


Psychotherapy and life coaching afford you an opportunity to experience a nonjudgmental space to work through issues which cause stuck points, create emotional dysregulation, and prevent you from leading a healthier life.


It is the aim of Hollings Therapy, LLC to start from a place of curiosity, respect, and rational compassion. Whether attending sessions for a specific issue or more profound circumstances, together we may discover what tools will best suit you on your path to growth.


Sliding Scale:

If you need a reasonable price adjustment to offset the cost of psychotherapy, please contact Hollings Therapy, LLC for more information on our sliding scale options, as we have a limited number of available spaces based on individual needs.


We currently do not accept insurance. Still, we can provide you with a receipt for submission to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement. **Hollings Therapy, LLC is not affiliated with any insurance network and cannot guarantee reimbursement.

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