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Holes in the Proposal

In a blogpost entitled Let Them Fight, I stated:

Those who advocate women’s rights are currently at odds with people who champion women+ rights. Per one source, the expression of “women+ entails trans women, femmes, genderfluid people, cis women, and more.” I have no ideological leviathan in this conflict. Therefore, I have no intention of interrupting these opponents as they brawl.

No fan of feminism or intersectionality, the post was intended to highlight the devolution of an activistic clash between those who center women at the forefront of their efforts and others who focus on women plus other identities. I don’t support either of these movements.

All the same, I think it’s fascinating to witness further degradation of feminism—a movement in which many proponents have been outright antagonistic towards men. Now, it appears as though some men have grafted onto women+ efforts and driven social discourse into absurdity.

Take for instance the controversial topic of trans-identifying individuals who are often associated with intersectional efforts. For years, I’ve observed the field of scientific study and those who knew of objective differences between men and women virtually five minutes ago pandering to people with nonsensical ideas.

Perhaps in an attempt not to offend the irrational beliefs of people who identify as a different sex or gender than what is inherent, assigned, or socially constructed, definitions of anatomical parts and functioning are being eroded in favor of preposterous and pseudo-scientific terms.

For example, remarking on a Helathline guide that proposed a unique term for vaginas, one source states, “To be more trans-inclusive, the term ‘front hole’ was used as one possible name for genital anatomy in the guide.”

When critical thinkers challenged the laughable term, the same source addressed the criticism by expressing, “The guide goes on to use both vagina and front hole. The point of this, according to the guide, is to use the terms trans people prefer in a safe-sex guide written for them. Seems reasonable, right?”

To whom does the altered definition appear reasonable? Surely, those who irrationally assume that they are of the wrong sex or gender may support the change.

However, is it incumbent upon those who are not inflicted by the same incoherent presuppositions to merely go along to get along? What utility is there in adopting ludicrous activist terms which result in a reduction of intellectual sophistication?

Using another example, one source reports, “Now health professionals are urged to call vaginas ‘bonus holes’ to avoid offending trans or non-binary patients.” Fact-checking this claim, and revealing an inherent flaw in its own logic, one source states:

No entity urged health professionals globally to abandoned the word “vagina” for “bonus hole.” Rather, one cervical cancer charity in the United Kingdom published a document for medical staff leading cervical screenings with trans men or non-binary patients in which the terms “bonus hole” and “front hole” were listed as alternatives to the word “vagina.” The document appeared to serve as an educational resource, not a policy mandate.

This is a distinction without a difference. Though health professionals are purportedly not “urged” to use “bonus hole” and “front hole,” per the source, the advisement “appeared to serve as an educational resource.”

I’ve been reliably informed that misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation are legitimate threats to society. If one accepts that premise, why then is an “educational resource” strategically using disinformation in regards to vaginas?

No matter how vigorously one pounds the square peg at a round hole, an unreasonable suggestion about what vaginas are, how they function, and who may have them—when not comporting with truth—retains holes in the proposal. It truly is senseless.

All the same, I savor the current moment and look forward to what further absurdism is wrought in the name of intersectionality that feminism has birthed. Holes in the proposal of defining standards from feminism’s offspring are—if nothing more—a delightful exercise in disputation of irrational beliefs.

If you’re looking for a provider who works to help you understand how thinking impacts physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral elements of your life, I invite you to reach out today by using the contact widget on my website.

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Deric Hollings, LPC, LCSW


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